About CalmHire

Developers are tired of impractical, unfair, and stressful interviews that either force them to have to spend months studying on LeetCode or stay out of the job market entirely.

On top of that, we continue to see more evidence that impractical and stressful interviews don't assess competency. A 2020 study from North Carolina State University and Microsoft found that "the technical interviews currently used in hiring for many software engineering positions test whether a job candidate has performance anxiety rather than whether the candidate is competent at coding. The interviews may also be used to exclude groups or favor specific job candidates."

I built CalmHire to make it easier for developers to find companies that have more practical, fair, and calm practices.

Some of the companies on this site were sourced from Lauren Tan's super helpful "Hiring Without Whiteboards" repository; specifically, companies that were added in the last 18 months. Other companies were added through online research or by submissions on this site. If you would like to add a company, please make a submission here.

If you have any feedback for me, you can DM me on Twitter @abhiondemand.

Wall of stress

Developers sharing their pain about today's tech hiring practices.